At Camrose Kennels we have four separate Pet boarding pods ( A B C D ) which are heated and air conditioned. Each pet when they are checked in is assessed for personality, temperament and social being and assigned to pods accordingly with the same type of dogs. We introduce new dogs to the pod dogs one at a time so as to let them meet each other slowly. 

When the pets are out in the play yard they are under full supervision. A & B pods are for well socialized pets. C pod is for our senior, nervous/timid and/or special needs ( Blind, deaf or recovering from surgeries etc.)  D pod is for our small breeds that are used to playing with similar sized playmates. Each pod goes out together to our twleve thousand square foot play yard where they are under full supervision.

dog room A B pods1

dog room C D pods1

Dogs at play in supervised exercise area.
Dogs at play in supervised exercise area.
5 x 20 foot covered outdoor run.
5 x 20 foot covered outdoor run.



Current required vaccinations are Bordetella and Parvo-Distemper with up to date record/receipt.



At Camrose Kennels we require that you bring your pet's food (Dry, Canned, Raw, Home-made or a combination) for their stay with us.  Please include a little extra in case your trip is delayed.

All pets are provided bottled water which is topped up frequently during the day.

All rooms are cleaned daily with an enzyme cleaner  and throughout the day as needed. After each pet leaves the walls and floors of their room is scrubbed down with a disinfectant.

At check-in, each dog is assigned an individual bin to safely store extra food, and any extra belongings required during their stay. Please bring a small bed or blanket for your dog or vari kennel if that is their bed at home, and a couple of favourite toys.

All owner instructions for care, food, and medication are carefully recorded on the central message board.We are happy to give your pets medication or supplements at no extra charge.



Dogs go out 5 times a day for a minimum of 30 minutes - weather permitting.