Camrose Kennels Policies and Procedures:

Please read our Policies and Procedure carefully, it details our commitment to the exceptional and thoughtful care of your pet and your responsibility as an owner to ensure that your pet may be checked-in to stay.
Downloadable PDF version of Policies and Procedures

Hours of Operation and Tour times
Camrose Kennels is open daily between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m or 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. for drop off, pick up or tours. For the safety and comfort of our guests, there are no exceptions to these hours. The kennel is closed to the public daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We welcome you to come by for a tour of our facilities, no appointment is required but come during our open hours. Effective February 2006 we will be closed to the public on Wednesdays.

Check out time is 11 A.M. Like a hotel, this means if you check out your pet prior to 11 A.M. you will not be charged for that day. You may pick your pet up between our afternoon hours of 4 P.M. and 6 P.M. but you will be charged for the day.

Our Commitment to you and your pet
Dog Care- At Camrose, each dog has his/her own individual room with 20 sq ft heated inside and 100 sq ft outside covered to protect them from the elements; a doggie door connects the two and it is open except at night and in the morning while we are cleaning. All dogs are taken out 5 times daily to our 8200 sq ft play area for supervised play. Two of the play times
are for a minimum of 30 minutes. Care is taken in introducing new dogs to dogs who are already at the kennel; during your dog’s first visit to the play yard he/she will be taken out first then introduced to the other dogs one at a time.

Cat Care- Our Feline friends are kept in a separate room away from the dogs. Each cat has a double room with 2 levels to separate food and bed from their litter box on with lots of extra room to stretch out and relax. Once cats have settled in, they get to spend a day or 2 in the large rec room overlooking the garden and pony pasture.

General - We provide stainless steel bowls for food and water, washed and disinfected daily. Filtered water is topped frequently throughout the day.

Your responsibility as an owner

Please ensure that your reservation has been confirmed and that you have provided all necessary information and supplies. Email requests are not bookings until they are confirmed by telephone. If there is any change in your reservation dates please inform us as soon as possible.

What to Bring
• Food - A rapid change in diet can be problematic for your pet; therefore, we require owners to provide enough of their pet’s regular food for the duration (and a bit more in case your return is delayed) of their pet’s stay. We can accommodate dry, wet and frozen foods. Please bring information on amounts given in imperial measures. Any special homemade foods should be individually packaged and labeled.
• Medication - We are happy to administer your pet’s medications or supplements. Please write on containers the correct amounts given and times per day. If your pet requires more than 3 medications or supplements per day, please prepackage for ease of dispensing.
• Dog Beds and Toys -Please bring one clean dry bed or blanket for your dog. All bedding must be machine washable. An old t-shirt a family member has worn can be put in your pet’s bed to comfort them. If your dog is crate trained, he/she may feel more comfortable during their stay with it in their room (with the door removed). Please do not bring wicker beds. You are encouraged to bring a maximum of 2 toys. All dogs must wear a flat collar. No choke chains are permitted.
• Vaccine Records - Vaccinations must administered by a veterinarian prior to boarding. We must see proof of annual
vaccinations for your pet to be admitted. Pets will not be admitted without required vaccinations. If we have seen your
certificate within the last 12 months we will have it on file.
    o Annual Vaccines for cats must include FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, and Rabies
    o Annual Vaccines for dogs must include DHLP-PV, bordetella & Rabies
Please Note: No pet with obvious signs of illness will be admitted unless the condition is not infectious and the pet under the
care of a veterinarian.
A word about fleas - we reserve the right to refuse to admit any pet with fleas.

Kennel Etiquette

Please leave all pets IN your vehicle until after you have checked in. Dogs will be taken out to the play yard immediately to relieve themselves and get to know us before they go to their room. Cats will be taken directly to the cat room.
Please observe the 5 KPh speed limit in the driveway.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Terry and Simon Shackleton


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