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"I just wanted to email to tell you how happy I was with your services and your kennel. Amber was in such good shape and so was her crate and bedding! I feel so much better now knowing that I've found someone to care for her."
Lauren Ramsay

"You give the care that's needed & required... facilities are very clean... spend time with all animals...give attention to all... very compassionate... I would highly recommend you to a friend."
Lisa Laine

"It's extremely clean...very friendly and the dogs are given positive reinforcement. Lots of fun for the dogs and I feel very safe leaving my dog here."
Laura Clairmont

"It's the only kennel we trust... Very clean...the best!"
Carol Dechaux

"Our pets were returned to us without smell, or weight gain (even after a 5 week stay). Terry and Simon are very fastidious in the "feed" room... all having their own bin to keep their own food, etc."
Surroundings of Camrose


Each dog staying at Camrose Kennels gets his or her own personal indoor space. Every room has both A/C and heating. Dogs are provided with bottled water; we request that you please bring your pet's food of choice. 

Bessy and her crate
Each run is double latched for security with an enclosed breezeway leading to secure the 1200 square foot fenced yard where all dogs are taken out in supervised groups 5 times daily - 2 of those times are for a minimum of 30 minutes, weather permitting.
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Tipper & Macy Playing

Cat guests are housed in a separate facility from our canine guests. Each cat is given his or her own 2-room condo with a separate area for food and litter box. Cats are provided with bottled water; we request that you please bring your pet's food of choice.

2-room condo

Cats are given regular access to an enclosed indoor exercise rooom, complete with scratching posts, climbing poles and lots of toys. A comfortable seating area has been set up for staff to sit and cuddle cats who want to be handled. More about cat boarding... Exercise area for cats
Dogs watching the critters

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