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At Camrose Kennels, cats are definitely not second-class citizens.

The cat accommodation is in a quiet facility separate from
the dog kennel and the care is just as exacting as for their
canine counterparts.

Each cat is given his or her own 2-room condo with separate area for food and litter box.

Cat Condo
Interior of cat condo
Dog Free Zone!
Cat Condos
Exterior of cat condos.
It is a given that the catís room, and litter box, will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
If the cat is comfortable with handling he/she will also be provided access to the cat gymnasium, for at least one full day or more varying on the number of cats currently boarding.
Looking out the window
Cat Gymnasium
cat gymnasium
Seating area for extra attention
Cats that are comfortable with handling will also be allowed out (one at a time) into the locked cat room while we clean their room and may also get come out for snuggles during staff coffee breaks, in a comfortable seating area has been set up for this purpose in the cat room.

Current vaccinations are a must and records are required for the safety of all pets.

Individual storage bins.
At check-in, each cat is assigned an individual bin to safely store extra food, and any extra belongings required during their stay. Please bring a small bed or blanket for your cat, and a couple of favourite toys.

All owner instructions for your pet's care, including special instructions, medications and food are carefully recorded and displayed on our message board. All cats are provided bottled water. We are happy to give your pet's medication or supplements also at no extra charge.*

*We do not charge extra for serving a client's food as some kennels do.

Food provision area
Food, water and medication dispensing area.

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